SXSW pt1

Bands I saw worth noting:
Dandi Wind- Not that great electro but the girls stage presence was intense. Like a white, more spastic grace jones
yeasayer-new age, psych, good peter gabriel-ish vocals
Pig Out- conservative rave. better live than I thought they would be
Mika Miko-best punk band going on right now
ponytail-loud, noodley psych guitars, thrashy, driving drums, and the girl yelps and makes really uncomfortable expressions like she's taking a crap
afterparty at the childrens museum- Best idea ever. think about it. it's all dark and weird, but theirs no sharp corners, lots of things for drunk 20 somthing indie rockers to fuck around with (allthough as well as I could see were all relatively well behaved) and it says retarded things all over on purpose ("funstruction!"). I don't know about the band I saw (best fwends I think) but it was kind of beside the point

By the way, my pictures suck. My friend Chloe has some real good ones at www. flickr. com/photos/dearestchloe

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lips and ribs said...

yea, i gotta big juicy boner for pigout and yeasayer.