SXSW pt 2

drink drank drunk Went to some pretty OK parties. Mostly chilled with the exception of the last night and that night I went to the afforementioned Children's museum. And The night a bunch of us ended up in our hotel room, come to think of it, I didn't really chill. Highlights- Walking into the Deisel party and the DJ was blasting a Panther song. The VIP area there had a bowling alley with shoes I should have taken and Zooey Daschanel whom I impulively wanted to dump my drink on (although she does seem like a very sweet person, but I'm getting tired of hearing about her band, for what I later found out, for no good reason).
We somehow got into the Vice party that was pretty gigantic and not to much fun until the drink throwing fantasy came true for me courtesy of my friend Nellina. I harmless spill escalated real fast until the next thing I knew Nellina was like "gimmie your drink!" and threw my huge ass icy drink in this girls face. Hilarious. There was a real bad band playing with 40 people in it.

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ChloƩ said...

my bracelets look scary.
see my own account of the night at http://www.chloerichard.com/dearestchloe/photo/627