LA times Pt.1

Ingrid picked us up at the bob hope airport.Her parents had a pool. I needed the sun real bad. went to the MOCA, got let in to the Murakami excibit because some kid working there recognized charlie. became crunked at ingrids cousins house on a gallon of manhattan. paid $11 to see an old hippie in sombody's back yard. john riess' new band is "goin for it". Lots of terrifying driving. did some green screening. played with gossip at the smell. the sound was awfull, kinda ruined our show but whatevz. MTV was there and they tried to make the place look like an "exciting" venue. charlie threw change at the camera man. Mika Miko was great. got up real early again, went on KXLU and had a blast with this really hilarious girl that was DJing. went back to Bob Hope and the dark haired man in the army shirt I was travelling with got searched. free wine on the plane.

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ladyirie said...

well...you pretty much summed it up! I am jealous of the free wine, I could have used some!