a-free-na rock

My friend Rynne called me the other day to tell me I was on the guest list for the upcoming Tool concert at the Memorial Coliseum. She has been dating the drummer Danny Carrey for a while and last time I was in LA she flaked out so whatever, I acted like I knew about it and thought it might be fun.
I realized when my friend and I got there that I had never been to a bonefied "rock concert" in my life. Only about a half a billion punk shows and many many large (but now in retrospect, small) mid-stream indie shows.
It was weird. Parking was $10, beer was $8 and it was one of the more uptight atmospheres I had experienced i a while. We couldn't get backstage until after the show so my Friend Kelsey and I had to decide if we wanted to stick around the whole time for the possibility of free booze. We did. Security guards we assholes, strange, talkative douchebags and hippies kept taking our seats every time we got up, and it smelled like shitty pot everywhere. But there were lazers and we eventually got shuffled into some strange backstage area where there was, in fact, free booze and a lot of slightly puffier old friends.


drumbschool said...

shoulda takin the max dude. Sikk lasers though. That's yr ten bucks right there.

lips and ribs said...

puffy buddies.