OK so the boat story

In chicago we stayed with charlie's friend ben. the guy is a complete maniac. he tells the worst jokes all the time and is constantly pushing people's buttons. also he is a wicked drunk. i was going back and forth between totally liking the guy and wanting to kick his ass.
anyway, he hooks up this boat trip for us on lake michigan (rad) through his "friend" jen who is also a maniac, albeit a very generous one. she is mass stressed all the time and rich. we go down to the harbor with plans to make food and then take the boat out. ben bought pasta to grill (??!!) and jen brought a rotten fish. that didn't go well (although in fairness, bens pasta was quite good, or mabes i was just real stoned.more on that).
fast forward like, 6 hours. jen's friends had shown up; a couple of very loud prematurely aged midwestern girls. everyone is very drunk and stoned and the boat is still at the dock. ben has been pushing jen's buttons for a long ass time and jen's natural stress is not digging this. it's 11pm and i have completely written off the idea that we are going out on to the lake. next thing you know, jen says "OK lets go".
you know those situations that you just know something bad is going to happen? yeah, wtf. the waves were huge and i swear this boat was completely air-born several times. fucked up people are flying all over the place on a 30 foot bayliner at night on lake michigan.i can not tell you why nobody fell off this boat. that really would have made more sense. it was the most incredibly fun thing i have done in a long time.
so we get back to the dock and i somehow made my way back onto the dock and I'm standing there on the dock when i here all this commotion. i look over to the boat and see ben coming out of the downstairs of the boat, trying to pull his bag up with jen hanging in the air from his bag screaming bloody fucking murder. we dont know what is happening but at this point it seems completely normal. charlie yells to ben that we have to go. jen is screaming and throwing a temper tantrum on the dock and her friends are yelling at ben and we head out to find a cab (we later get an apologetic email from jen and friends, i still don't know what the fuck happened)
we get a burrito/sleeping pill and promptly get up at 8am wildly hungover to get in the van for the drive that turns into one of the longest (12 hrs) and definetly the most stressful of the tour yet.

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